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Patient Lift - Lifts for better living!

What is Assistive Device?
Any device that is designed, made, or adapted to assist a person performs a particular task called Assistive Device. -MedTerms Dictionary
For examples, canes, walkers, wheel chairs, scooters, and special beds are all assistive devices.
Even this guy’s glasses are one kind of assistive devices.

What is Patient Lift?
Patient lift is one kind of assistive device.
It provides excellent transfer solutions.
There are 3W & 1H. Who? Where? Why? And How?
Let’s go on to find the answers.

Who is the end user?
Patient lifts assist disabled and elderly easy and safe to transfer from one place to another.
Where to use the patient lifts?
You can discover patient lifts on hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and some private residences.
Why using the patient lifts?
Using patient lifts to transfer patients not only increases patient safety but also eliminates caregiver injury.
That is a good solution for healthcare!
How to use a patient lift?
Here’s a demo video, let’s take a look!

The caregiver use a patient lift to lift the patient.
He pushes the handlebar to change the direction.
Even the portly can easily be transferred from the bed to the wheelchair.
Now you’ve already known what is Patient Lift!

In the video, we can see there’s a green cloth like a bag sustains the patient.
We call the cloth “Sling”.
Sling and patient lift are good partners.
The type of lifting tasks planned will have a bearing on which sling to use.
Okay, let me have a brief introduction of our company’s products.
Apexlift is our brand for healthcare products; it’s one of the popular patient lift brands in USA.

DPL Series
All DPL series are mobile type patient lifts.
A hydraulic pump or an electric actuator operates it.
Compact design allows for easy lifting from floor.

Briana & Alton
These are fixed type patient lifts.
Specialty lift designed to safely lift from wheelchair into bed or bathtub.
Assembles quickly without tools and the lift boom pivots against the wall when not in use to save space.

Ceiling Lift
Before setting up a ceiling lift, lift technicians can assist with planning the optimal configuration based on the customers needs.
The ceiling lift supplies power or manual traverse functions.

The stand assist lift is an equally affordable option for home use.
It can help patients change into a standing posture easily.

Spryte stand aid is a manual standing aid to allow patients to assist themselves in preparation for transport.
It provides quick transport and requires minimal caregiver assistance.

Power Chair Lift
Power chair lift is functional furniture, which helps the old folks to stand up and sit down easily.
It also reduces excessive pressure on hip, knee, and back joints.

Commode Lift
The commode lift assists elderly toileting independently.
It can safely raise and lower users in a natural up and down motion.

Let’s sum up before ending!
What is Assistive Device?
Any devices that assist a person perform a particular task, right?
Then we’ve talked about Patient Lift.
3W and 1H. Who? Where? Why? And How?
Don’t forget Sling is a good partner of patient lift.
If you want to know more about Apexlift Products, you can go to the website here.

The end. Thank you for your listening.