Learning by doing!

來吧!終結我的lazy, 開始have fun in English~ ^^
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Welcome to Lisa’s World, “Learning by doing!” It was born two months ago, after the first time we met. 

Let’s have a quick outline.
Fang’s Blog: You can see all articles I posted. I will introduce Category for more details later.
Video: The films and the audio collection of mine.
RSS show: Including the RSS of Victoria’s and classmates’ blog.  When you post a new article on your blog, the list updates at the same time.
GUESTBOOK: As the title, it’s a guest book. You can say whatever you wanna say.

I distributed the articles into four major types, Fang’s, VOA, Something, and Homework
Let’s go on to take a look at these.
Fang’s Talk: It has three articles, my impression of the first class,  my self-introduction, and the blog show draft. All of my saying will put in Fang’s Talk.
Fang’s Memo: These are the notes I took in class. I use my words to record what I have learned.
Fang’s murmur: “The cause” responded the question why I’m here. “PAUSE” explained why I was absent last few weeks.
VOA: It only has one article of VOA news, and no exercise exist. Not yet!
Something: There are some good articles, melodies, and speeches I found on the Internet. I hope you can enjoy them, and gain more from them.
Homework: Oops! I still chase after the schedule.

Now, our tour is in the end. Thank you for your attention. See you next time!