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Vocabulary of Lisa's Self-introduction

WORD FOCUS: weather 

good weather: sunny/fine
used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of sunshine
nice/lovely/glorious very sunny and good
bright if the weather is bright, the sun shines strongly
there isn't a cloud in the sky the sky is completely clear
dry if the weather is dry, it does not rain
fair sunny and not windy or rainy - used especially in weather forecasts

rain: wet/rainy/damp used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of rain
unsettled if the weather is unsettled, it keeps changing and it often rains
drizzle light rain which consists of very small drops of water
shower a short period of rain
downpour a short period when it suddenly rains very heavily
it's pouring down British English/it's pouring rain American English it is raining very hard
it's drizzling it is raining a little, with very small drops of rain

snow: snowy
used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of snow
sleet a mixture of snow and rain
slush a mixture of partly melted snow and ice
hail/hailstones frozen drops of rain, that fall as drops of ice
blizzard a storm with a lot of snow and strong wind
frost white powder that covers the ground when it is cold

wind: windy used to describe a day or weather when there is a lot of wind
blustery very windy
breeze a gentle pleasant wind
hurricane (in the Atlantic Ocean) /typhoon (in the Pacific Ocean) a violent storm with extremely strong winds

cloudy: cloudy
used to describe weather or a day when there are a lot of clouds in the sky
grey/dull cloudy and not bright
overcast if the sky is overcast, it is very cloudy and dark, and it is likely to rain
hazy not clear, especially because there is a slight mist caused by heat or smoke

hot: boiling/scorching/sizzling/blazing/burning/baking/broiling (hot) extremely hot
sweltering very hot and humid
warm a little hot, in a way that is pleasant
balmy pleasantly warm, with a gentle wind blowing
heatwave a period of unusually hot weather 

cold: freezing (cold)
extremely cold
arctic extremely cold, usually with a lot of ice and snow
wintry cold and snowy or rainy, like the weather in winter
crisp if the air is crisp, it feels cold but pleasantly fresh and clear
chilly a little too cold, in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
cool a little cold, in a way that is pleasant
cold snap/cold spell a period of unusually cold weather