Learning by doing!

來吧!終結我的lazy, 開始have fun in English~ ^^
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Lisa's Self-introduction

Hello, everyone.

I'm Cheng Jen Fang, and my English name is Lisa. You can call me Lisa. As my star sign is Leo, and I love cats very much, I called myself "Big Cat Fang" on the Internet. My birthday is on August 9, the date after Father's Day. We usually celebrate my birthday with Father's Day on August 8. I believe I am a present from God for my dad, although I ran too slowly to arrive on time.

There are twelve members in my family, my grandmother, my parents, one elder brother with his wife and three lovely children, one younger sister, a dog, a cat, and I. We live in Ban-ciao, Taipei County, near Ban-ciao train station. My brother's household doesn't live with us; they live in Chung-ho, where also in Taipei County. We are a big family with close relationship in present generation.

I graduated from Chung-Hua University, and I majored in mechanical engineering. Now I'm an R&D engineer in SKF Jaeger. Our company produce motors, linear actuators, and healthcare goods, such as hoist, stand up chair, gate trainer, etc. I am in charge of patient lift series. Those products can assist elderly or disabled to achieve safe and comfortable healthcare environments in their daily life. I do love my job, and be glad to contribute to the community.

Since I was born in warm summer, I have a sunny disposition and always smile. There is a riverbank with good scenery near my office, and I usually take a walk there off duty to relax my mind. In my spare time, I like to go open to approach the nature. Lisa's Law says: "sunshine plus wind equals I'm happy." Sometimes I go to museum or music cafe on weekend. I love arts and music as well. I have learned piano, folk guitar, and painting before. Without continue practicing, I'm not good at these now.

I was thinking about improving my poor English for few years. After last class, I feel so lucky to join this course with you all. Victoria said "Learning by doing!" and I wanna say, "Where there is a will, there is a way." Let's grow up together.

Thank you!


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